She did it! Congratulations to Sonni Hönscheid on her Molokai2Oahu win!

Sonni at the finish line

Sonni's passion for oceansports has no limits and her dedication and endurance have paid off by winning the biggest prize in paddlesports. Crossing the Channel of Bones is a feat in itself. Winning is, well, something that gets you in the hall of fame for paddlesports. Sonni, your Bluesmiths 'Ohana is extremely proud to celebrate this accomplishment with you! It's well deserved.

 We’d like to extend our congratulations to ALL the riders in the race. This is a brutal open ocean paddle race and anything can happen. It really can. Every finisher, whether solo or team, whether prone or SUP, should be congratulated for making it to Oahu. It's a real privilege to be part of this race. Aloha, Bluesmiths / JS

Sonni and her boat team

Sonni and her escort boat team

The team is super important in choosing the best course and motivating the rider.

Without them it all would not have been possible!



Sonni Hönscheid , Northshore surfboards fuerteventura
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Bluesmiths Maui
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Maui Jim