Tv documentary about our family

here some info about a 43 minute ZDFinfo TV  documentary 

 " On the perfect wave/ The Surfer-Family Hönscheid" .

This film tells the surfing story of our family. How it all started in the 60´s to recent footage just before Christmas.

On behalf of the  ZDF  TV  Dieter " Didi" Brennecke from  "LibreMedia" Filmproduction came with a this team to Fuerteventura : Markus Prumbaum and Oliver Behrens. ( both camera) and  Axel Martin from "edithouse" ( camara and editing) .With the help of  Mario Entero and Danni on his jetski , 3 Go Pros , a quadcopter, the crew followed us for about 10 days windsurfing, surfing, supsurfing and of course shaping, the shop, living on Fuerteventura and more.......

We even could suggest some of the background music!  Don´t miss it:


Sunday 22nd February at 9.00  (8.00 Canarias ) in the morning at ZDF info and Monday 16th of March,  10.15 ( 9.15 Canarias).

(It is possible that there will be more repeats, and  possibly on other ZDF channels -we will inform you .)

Online you can watch the movie here:


a movie by  Dieter Brennecke.

camera:Oliver Behrens Markus Prumbaum Mario Entero 

editing: Axel Martin

speaker: Florian Hoffmann

editorial: Susanne von Oertzen

a production from Libremedia on behalf of ZDFinfo  

copyright ZDF 2014


Sonni Hönscheid , Northshore surfboards fuerteventura
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Bluesmiths Maui
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Maui Jim