new painting "Mana"

150x60cm Art by Sonni Hönscheid / Words by Janni Hönscheid @jannihonscheid ❤ "while the world around her was starting to crumble and turn into grey, in a moment of desesperation, she took a breath and raised her arms up to the sky... sunlight shone through her, an energy so pure, her roots were the ocean, wind in her hair, flowers on her bare chest, passion in her eyes... she caught life in her body and she brought color to the world. It was the moment that the world changed. One beating heart. One smile. One feeling. One girls dream. Your arms in the sky. Awake. And the world will never be the same again. "


Sonni Hönscheid , Northshore surfboards fuerteventura
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Bluesmiths Maui
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Maui Jim