GlaGla Race Long Distance

“I heard about the GlaGla race quite a lot over the past few years and seen many pictures – snowy & cold… I thought its a great way to start the year, leave my comfort zone – the sunny warm days on Maui – ready to challenge myself in the cold.

When we arrived at Lake Annecy it was cloudy and cold, but the forecast looked very promising, no wind and sun! Driving to the event site the next morning was mind blowing – the water looked like a mirror, clear sky and clean crispy air and surrounded by mountains full of snow.

The event had a great turnout with around 650 people!! After I almost fell in water twice, I was able to get used to breathing in the cold air and I found my rhythm, slowly warming up, feeling better and better.

I was paddling the Sprint 14 x 21.5 and using my Lima paddle, couldn’t think of better equipment.

Amandine was drafting me the whole race, just before coming around the last buoy she did a fair move, stopped drafting and everyone was on their own.

I’m very happy to be able to win this race! But more than that it was great to share the stoke for the sport with so many people!!!!


Sonni Hönscheid , Northshore surfboards fuerteventura
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Bluesmiths Maui
Sonni Hönscheid gets sponsored by Maui Jim